Sunday, 17 May 2009

Time Tunnel fire photos

I've been back up there today and it seems the fire is still burning since midnight last night. The fire seems to have spread to neighbouring properties and businesses. The building may have had linked basements. I'm so hoping the other businesses are not affected, but even with this level of disruption it has got to have an impact. The police officer on the cordon that I spoke to said it was being treated as a crime scene. I've not got confirmation on that from anywhere else. Margate really is finding it hard to shake off this association with fires. Which is a huge shame.


  1. This is tragic, since this sort of damage probably will not be sorted any time soon.

    I look round at some of the sites in Margate and just wonder if I'll live long enough to see them heal, Goddens Gap, Scenic Railway, Dreamland, the quarter built "luxury" flats @ Sea Bathing, the Lido.

  2. insuranece jobs. Time tunnel was up for sale for years and earning no money. Money grabbing dick