Sunday, 31 May 2009

Plans for the Waverly Pub

A planning application (F/TH/09/0316) has been submitted to convert the ground floor and above of The Waverly pub into, wait for it, wait for it... flats. Yet another application to put residential units into a central high street property with the bedroom and living room facing right onto the street, one of the main streets in town.

It seems incredibly short sighted and inappropriate to lose a business unit on the main shopping thoroughfare to create living space that will mean people keep the windows closed and blocked up with blinds or curtains. And how it will work with the pub continuing down below in the basement through to Marine Terrace is anyone's guess.

Plans are available to download on the UK Planning website.


  1. Cant anyone in this town think of anything else to do apart for build flats.

    There is an obvious glut of flats in Maragte and Cliftonvile, alot of them sub standard accomodation and many impossible to rent out or to sell. Dont the developers know this. This ridiculous development should be denied by the planners and heritage people.

    Who in there right mind would want to live over a pub and have their living room facing onto a the high street. Only the most desperate i would imagine.

    Can I smell a future whiff of accelerant.

  2. Thanks for putting the link up to you have inspired me to try and put up the latest planning applications there too.

    We have had a lot of this type of application approved in Ramsgate it makes for a fragmented town centre and leaves shops that were in a shopping street isolated.

    The trouble at the moment though is I don’t think it would be easy to set up a viable shop at the moment, the rents and rates still reflect the profit you could make before most of the main shops closed.

  3. Thank you MA for this.

    I have gone and had a look at the planning application and made my personal comments on it.

    I am not certain whether it would be wise to say here what i think but ultimately i think it stinks!!!

    I will eagerly await the outcome of this one.

  4. Just been looking at the plans again. They are mad!