Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Arlington Margate - The Public Inquiry

Too tired to write this really and too pressed for time. But seeing most of you know that I'm taking part in the week long Public Inquiry concerning a proposed 82,000 for the Arlington Margate site at Margate seafront, perhaps I can be forgiven. Today was day 1. Very long day. Both me and Mr Nabb gave evidence all day.

I can't write updates about the proceedings throughout, so I'd recommend following what's going on by following:

#ArlingtonMargate on Twitter. 
Margate Tweeps @danabouttown and @missjensa are just amazing beyond words.

Fabulous blog post: http://peawing.tumblr.com/post/35148183956/arlington-margate-public-inquiry-day-1

When we came out tonight after what i can only describe as a grilling by one of the country's best and highest paid QC's I was amazed to see how much Margate had been in support of us. Really, though, not sure I'm surprised. I know by now there are some amazing people out there. We were faced with being told by Thanet's legal counsel first thing today that he wouldn't be speaking much and it was all 'down to you and them' as in you, resident and them Freshwater. And indeed, m'learned friend didn't speak much and yes, it was all down to us and them.

Background on the issue: www.arlingtonmargate.com

Tomorrow, residents present for the second day. If you can come and support, please do. Upstairs in the Council Chamber at the Council Offices, Cecil Street, Margate. All starts at 9.30am.


  1. Is the report in today's Gazette that you support and shop at Tesco in Westbrook true? Surely you should be supporting local stores instead?

  2. I had actually been to the Tesco at Cliftonville early that morning before the appeal opened and so early other shops weren't open. But that said, I have never said I don't shop at supermarkets or that there shouldn't be a store of a smaller size on the Arlington site.