Friday, 16 November 2012

Margate Town Team announce Robert Jarvis Sound Installation

Margate Town Team have announced news of a sound art project for Margate High Street by artist Robert Jarvis. Robert has previously worked on a number of projects in Margate:

  • Entomophonix  -  sound installation for Marine Studios, April 2010.
  • Vibrations  -  music composition project for Royal School for Deaf, November 2004.
  • The Eyes Shut The Ears  -  sound installation, ‘Margate Rocks’ Arts Festival, July 2003

High Street Sounds

Margate Town Team is excited to announce a new sound art project in collaboration with sound artist and composer, Robert Jarvis.

Between now and the beginning of February, Robert hopes to create a number of audio compositions to complement the experience of people shopping on the High Street.  It is hoped that the created sound pieces will be a talking point amongst people in the town and therefore help increase footfall, adding another layer of interest and appeal to this part of the town.

The sound pieces will be played using a recent advance in audio technology that allows shop windows to act as loudspeakers capable of playing quiet sounds.  This is achieved by placing a small (mobile phone size) audio driver onto a window. This passes the sound vibrations to the glass with the result that the sound can be heard emanating from the shop front.  The technology doesn't take up any room, and the sounds can be timed to play at any time.

The first premises along the High Street to have a device placed on the window front is the Crafted Naturally shop, which forms a part of our Town Team building at the bottom of the High Street.  Do come and have a listen and speak with the shop owner Wendy James if you are interested in finding out a bit more.

For those who think that they would like to be a part of this project, there will be a meeting next Tuesday 20th November at 5.30pm in the Town Team shop office at 16-18 High Street. Please do come along, meet Robert and listen to his ideas about what might be possible.

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