Thursday, 29 November 2012

Margate's Portas Pilot featured on BBC Radio Kent November 27th - 6 months in

Richard Ash (centre) 
On the 27th of November, BBC Radio Kent ran a feature on Margate Town Team on their breakfast show. It was an update on the first six months of the Portas Pilot project. I was briefly interviewed along with others, including the Team's 3rd chairman, local landowner farmer, Richard Ash. If you missed it, here are the audio files.

Richard, alludes to difficult circumstances and the problems caused by people leaving after 4 months on the project. I recall I resigned after three months. The project was in place, budget set ready for sign off, bank account and website up and ready.

Richard confirms that £10,000 has now been drawn down and £800 has been spent on annual checks of the festive lights in the High Street that were installed by Margate Town Partnership, which Richard also Chairs.


  1. OOhhh that voice, I could listed to Richard all day - the man speaks sense.